Thursday, 21 July 2011

Final year log #4

You are fucking kidding me... 68.4%... wtf ...
Always its gonna be a regret of my life.... Have my whole student life scoring way above the distinction line and now my final result is just... slightly below it.... *slams head on the table*

Sent my application today for my flight back to Malaysia, most probably on 12th of Aug.

I am quite disappointed with my four years in UK, achieving nothing in particular. Most of my peers have done amazing projects, started up companies, got phD offers, and job offers. Nevertheless, I bring back a piece of paper that cost more than a nissan GTR. So, on that note, I should use that paper to buy many many nissan GTRs in the near future, and yes, I am certain of that.

There shall not be any boundary.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Final year log #3

My calculus, algebra, vectors and statistics sucks, and yet every year I somehow ended up choosing them.

Had a super weird dream. I dreamt of myself back home one day, day-dreaming about the time I spend studying in UK, and then woke up to find myself in London. For a moment it felt like dream comes true...

Wow, even my subconscious is missing uk..

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Final year log #2

Pessimist Be optimistic.

Counting my days left in London. Anyway I created this post to remind me that I will try my best to be back !
One day, while digging my grave I shall read this post and realise many opportunities I still have !!

Things I love about London:
4 seasons
The best time of my life
Freedom (from shit I had in Malaysia)
Relatively safe....

I miss the time that I could go out of my room and talk shit and be noisy.
I miss the time that I could just jog around the neighbourhood.
I miss making dinner and have people to eat dinner with.
I miss online shopping and not getting con for items.

I still couldn't understand why a part of me hate it so much for going back.

I've always blog around the same period, spring, my birthday and exams. This year spring strikes early, I am not counting my birthday from now onwards, and who cares about exams.?!

The plan for now is to work in Citibank Malaysia (why bank ? because its the only place where pay is reasonable.. haha) and then find a PhD, because I wanna be an engineer, so freaking bad...   By engineer, I mean design, innovate, create, not fixing stupid machines !
The probability of finding a job in UK is 0, while so far the rate of finding a job in Malaysia is 100%. Applied for two, got two. Funnily, Celcom Axiata is so result oriented. Offered me RM3700 if only I get 1st class, or RM3500 for 2nd upper.... Goodbye Celcom !

Tadaa ! My birthday present from my friends
And a sweet birthday note. And yes I treasure BOTH of these I got for my birthday this year. 
I sincerely thank all my friends who came to party with me for my birthday and for the present. 
Birthdays are so overrated. The older you are , the more you agree with it.

I am gonna burn and swallow this stack for exams, so little only huh ?
Sorry, I think my blog used to be fun to read, now its like old and naggy and pissing off....

So the only fun picture here. This is how Miss Teoh eats her squirting custard bun !
Once again, be optimistic, work your fucking ass now !

Monday, 31 January 2011

Snowboarding, Austria

I suggest the ultimate thing to do during winter is snowsports. Some prefer traveling and visiting countries, but I think standing in the freezing temperature looking at dead trees and frozen monuments is a little pathetic. I never regret spending my winter holidays in the snow mountains. Although it often ended with a few weeks of bruises and pains, the thrill of adrenaline rush, and the breathtaking view of the alps is worth all the sacrifice. Try it once and if you didnt lose your balls, its a guaranteed lifetime of addiction.

This year's destination is Mayrhofen, Austria. The decision came impulsively after a snowy night in London bringing all the nostalgia, knowing that it might be the last chance of being so close to the snow again. Mayrhofen is a skiing town at a region know as the Zillertaler valley, a mountainous area at the west of Austria. Our flight landed on Innsbruck and the transfer took only 2 hours to our guesthouse. 

Early 9am in the morning, the mountain filled with snowsport enthusiasts
Ski towns always provides free shuttle service to the ski lifts where you could take a gondola up to the trails. In the morning it is always crowded and on some days there are a lot of school children. It is interesting to know that those days with a lot of school children with different groups is their co-curiculum day, and of course their sports activity is skiing !!

 Another interesting observation is that you often only find white people in the ski area. So far my friend only spot one black people and I only see one asian. Obviously, the snow are white in colour ...

The view from the highest peak in Mayrhofen's piste.

To snowboard down the highest peak is awesome!

The piste in Mayrhofen are wide and perfect for snowboarders

The ski town, they sell equipment in every corner.
 Mayrhofen has a special iglu hotel on top of the snowmountains. Yes, you could book a room here and stay on the mountains for the night. They even have parties at some night in their lounge.

White lounge

I can see the hotel rooms are really limited

Inside the white lounge

And we sat down to have some mulled wine

This is the best piste. It descend from 1935m in altitude down to 600m to the town centre. I think its a few km long and the scenary is beautiful where you go from all snow to the alphine forest down to grassy slopes. From the speed I was descending, I even felt the pressure change in my ears.

Finally, I comment about the food in Austria. They LOVE meat. I had so much meat , pork beef , lamb, venison, fish. And generally, their food is salty.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Final year log #1

Is it always so true that you will apprecriate things so badly, only when you are losing it....

Now that I have accustomed to life here, it felt so nostalgic just to walk on the streets. My greatest challenge has yet to be what I'm going to do the next few years. It is pathetic to find out millions were spent to send students overseas and not having a plan for them when they return. It is like spending a lot of money buying a super computer and place it in your house. You'll be like : 'Yea, we have super computers too!', but you never bother to find out how to use it. 

I don't know how Malaysian press portray the weather conditions in Europe now, but for my mum, it definitely seems like we are having a 2012 rehearsal here. To me, it is pure excitement. Every Malaysian got to love snow, because it is the thing we never have.

Heavy snowfalls instantly turned the world outside to be white..
Something like this.

Certainly it's white and magical this season, Merry Christmas !!